HERMES is a company for business services engaged in tourism in a way of active support, engagement and development of eco-tourism and nature protection.
A mass movement of tourists around the world in the last 40 years showed to be positive but also a harmful phenomena for nature and for society. Through increased and uncontrolled pollution of natural resourses, waters, air and soils suffer changes in quality and endangered sustainability.

Negative consequences in aech corner of our Planet encourage global community to a different approach toward tourism as such.

A large number of tourism professionals around the world respond strongly to the changes in the environment caused by tourism. From the study of ecology, staff education in hotel management in environmentally sound manner, accommodation capacities built or reconstructed with eco and energy certificates, eco camps, active participation of tourists in environmental activities while visiting destination, all this ‘green tourism’ is becoming a growing and imperative trend to the delight of many of us!

Sustainable tourism thus has also become a mass phenomena!

Plitvice Croatia

Everyday contemporary modes of communication allow us to global awareness and an increased awareness about negative consequences of consumerism, climate changes, extinction of many plant and animal species , pollution of conditions for a healthy life, partly due to the tourism.

We hold that experiences and knowledge of other cultures shall connect and enrich people while traveling and remain a way to use free time in the future, but now in a different and sustainable way!

Tourists in the future become eco tourists who travel to urban and natural areas as guardians of nature and as part of a global ‘green’ family traveling to their ‘extended’ home!

Nature is not a place you can visit, nature is home !