For the first time, in Zagreb and Croatia a seminar titled “Quantum medicine and Eastern wisdom” was held.

This is only the first step in introducing to general public this more and more discussed theme of quantum medicine ​​and wisdom behind it as well. What we heard was but a part of enormous knowledge and therefore we plan to take this seminar as just the beginning of series of lectures and seminars on quantum medicine in our region.

Lecture about medical knowledge of ancient China and the interpretation of this knowledge from medical point of view was more than interesting ! It was a  lecture on energies and influences of the 5 elements and their connection with body organs so this presentation impressed all the participants of this seminar!                        U-SIN theory and knowledge of the East immediately analized on examples together with participants was trully a highlight, it is obvious that knowledge from ancient times lives through centuries and is applicable on the mankind in modern times, only if we want to apply it!

We have learned that quantum doctrine on the other hand explains that every cell in our body knows all that is going on with us, and what is happening within us – depends only on us – observers of own microcosmos!

This is exactly what physicians of the East teach, that everything in this Universe is connected, where medical findings and reports from the hospital in the West shall just confirm what doctors from China or Tibet soon see after talking to the person or patient or looking at the patients body and analizing an element which dominates in that person.

Take a look at our photo gallery to get an impression of the atmosfere at the seminar …