Who are modern tour guides?

„  Wherever tourists go , they don’t expect tour guides just to show them routes and ways and tell interesting stories. Development of tour guiding profession has put forward many  limits for long time now: from a person who is expected just to lead tourists and show them routes, now tour leaders are to : include proficiency, skills and abilities to be a manager, entertainer, animator, diplomat, doctor, lawyer, linguist, psychologist, but also a good lecturer in the field of history, architecture, arts, geography and in many other subjects. Apart from these  exceptional talents , person guiding tourists nowdays must have encyclopaedic knowledge, high level of personal culture with kind attitude, excellent language skills, professional relationship and appearance toward guests, toward problems and work, also strong personality with lucid spirit, good perception and fast decision making abilities …“  Prof. Željko Trezner

Modern tour leaders and guides strongly participate in creation of memories for tourists. With their professional and quality interpretation of natural and cultural heritage , also having pleasant personality tour guides trully take important part in destination presentation and promotion!
Hermes professional licenced tour leaders have it all and stand at Your disposal to guide organized groups and tours all year long!
Responsibility , longtime experience, dedication and devotion to this profession are values we cherish!

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