Dear fans of healthy food, expirience and discover Zagreb in a different way, through tastes and flavours of top-quality food and croatian olive oil tasting !

Tour  programme : meeting with the guide at agreed meeting point. Going to the main city market Dolac with an overview of ingridients and food offered to citizens of Zagreb every day. Sightseeing and visit of attractions. Presentation and croatian olive oil tasting at Olive oil gallery. Walking through main Zagreb shopping street Ilica, lunch at restaurant Zrno, where guests have opportunity to taste all excellent dishes and interesting flavours of organic food produced and grown in Croatia. Return to city centre passing by Croatian national teathre, Flower Square and ending tour at old town park Zrinjevac.

Few  words regarding food…

Food is our basic need, transforms into energy when consumed,  feeding our body, mind and soul. High-quality ingredients which prolong years of our lifes, give us strength, health, happiness and satisfaction and also do not endanger nature and environment – this is the food which enriches us and our environment,  also enabling us to enjoy rich flavours and all excellent tastes of nature!

Lunch at restaurant Zrno bio bistro …

Zrno bio bistro is Croatia’s first certified 100 % organic vegan restaurant. We offer organic ingredients delivered each day directly from Croatia’s farm Zrno including fresh vegetables, handmade tofu, seitan and warm sourdough bread from our own bakery. Here you will find tasty soups, stews, salads, plates, gluten – free dishes, smoothies and desserts, all organic and delicious. Also on offer is a wide range of organic drinks and beverages such as organic coffee, wine, tea, juice, smoothies or shakes. To strengthen the body and nourish the spirit , our drinks further the efort initiated by our food. ZRNO BIO BISTRO

Restourant Zrno
Restourant Zrno

Taste top quality olive oil from Croatian producers!

Olive is the pearl of Mediterranean diet and has been grown for at least six thousand years. On Crete, in Palestine and Egypt, it was used as food, medicine and fuel for lamps. Mediterranean diet includes many ingredients which  protect human organism against heart diseases and one of the most important among them is exactly – olive oil. Oil and olive fruit have antioxidant properties that keep cells healthy and delay aging. Ingredients in olives have anti-inflammatory properties so oil is used as a natural remedy for body purification with numerous health benefits.

During last 15 years in Istria and Dalmatia, two most significant croatian regions in olive oil production , we monitor increase in production and also in quality of oilve oil. These oils with its organoleptic and chemical attributes fulfil highest criteria and classify Croatia among best olive oil producers due to natural conditions ,  clean and unpolluted air  and  beneficial climate .

Olive Oil
olive oil galery 2